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Why you need Personal Brand Photography

January 31, 2018

If you’re reading this I think it’s safe to say you’ve been thinking of your brand and what your photos say about your brand… Ok maybe not the second part so much, that’s more me thinking for you lol but you’ve been thinking of your brand nonetheless and you’re here so lets dive in!!!! 


Think about it for a second, your headshot isn’t just a headshot it’s the first thing people notice about you. How many times have you looked up a company and shut the browser down in less than a minute because the photos didn’t look good? I’m guilty of doing this, very guilty! To me if your photographs don’t match what you’re trying to get me to buy I won’t take you serious. You’re not investing in your business so why should I? Kind of harsh but now being a business owner of 3 companies I understand why it’s so important to make a great first impression! You’re brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. Does your headshot match your brand? Better yet does your headshot match your brands vision/mission statement? Do you have a mission statement? Do you know the difference between vision statement and mission statement? 


Truth be told I didn’t for my company for many years, I just wanted to take pictures. Then one day after several “wing it” shoots, completely drained and exhausted I had a friend ask me one simple question: Why do you really want to take pictures? I looked up kind of  puzzled, squinted my eyes as if she already knew and said “I want people to look at their pictures the way Moma (my amazing grandma) looks at mine now, I don’t want to just take pictures I want to capture these unbelievably breathtaking photos that literally stop traffic”. And there it was. My Mission right there I said it and didn’t even realize that was the mission I was on! I began doing research on photographers I loved and what they did to get them where they are, I took classes to perfect my craft, I was fortunate enough to have the worlds best mentor in my opinion and really started to take my career seriously because before I was “just taking pictures”. 


Over the years I unconsciously helped several other business entrepreneurs while taking their photos. I didn’t plan it, it just happened. I just had someone ask me one day to take their headshots and I didn’t even charge her because it was so new to me plus she’s a family friend. During her shoot I was asking her questions about her brand what she’s looking for in a client and so on, basically I needed to hear what she was looking for. After we finished she couldn’t stop smiling and told me how excited she was for her career and how before she was so nervous but now she has a plan and great photos to back her!! She quickly discovered how important it was for her website photograph to reflect every faucet of herself - the brilliant business mogul, the strategist, the trendsetter, the spiritualist, the bestie, the parent, the rule breaker and all the other sides that make you, you! You photos for your website and social media marketing should reflect your many sides as well as your statement. Personal branding photography doesn’t just put a face to the business, Personal Brand Photography is about marketing YOU! 









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